Bastet, Originally taking the the shape of a desert cat or a lioness, Bastet was a fierce deity. She was the daughter of Ra and represented the power of the Sun to ripen crops. Around 1500 BCE, Egyptians began domesticating cats. Bastet then came to be seen as kinder and was worshiped in the form of a cat or a woman with a cat’s head.

In Pre-dynastic times, Wadjet was worshiped as the patron goddess of Lower Egypt.
She later merged with the cat-goddess Bastet and was shown with the head of a lioness

Cat mummy

Cats were sacred animals of the goddess Bastet and were kept in her temples. When these cats
died, they were mummified, wrapped in a linen cloth, and placed in cat-shaped coffins. It was considered a holy act for temple visitors to buy the coffins and have them buried.


purpose Offering
made in Roman Period
size 18 in (46 cm) tall